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Human rights, not technosolutionism

The government is today reducing social welfare entitlements to dashboard management and making citizenship conditional upon producing an ever changing set of documents.

Let's join hands and preserve our fundamental rights in this age of technosolutionism.


The Covid19 pandemic must make us rethink our approach to poverty whether through law and policy or through technological interventions.


The Aadhaar project, declared Constitutional by the SC in 2018, is today linked with NPR and NRC – threatening our right to have rights.

What does Article 21 do?

Article 21 Trust is a public spirited organization that actively advocates at the grassroots level and engages with government agencies to secure people’s informational rights and legal entitlements. We (help) organize public meetings and produce materials in order to widen access and awareness , involving in the process government representatives and experts in welfare, digital technologies, privacy, data protection, and constitutional rights. The material produced also speaks to the social, legal, and regulatory ramifications of digitalization of governance.

Support Us

Help us ensure that conversations on technology use in governance are truly widespread and representative of the diversity in understanding across the length and breadth of India.